Flight trainings, sightseeing flights and aerial works

In this area we cooperate with a wide range of air operators and each of them has it's own specifics. That allows us to get closer to your expectations.

Flight trainings

If you are interested in flight training courses we are able to advise you and direct your steps to achieve your goal (whether it is professional flying or you want to fly just for fun). In cooperation with our partners we provide you flight trainings on helicopters and also on fixed wing planes.

Aerial works

We can arrange for you aerial works such as helicopter external cargo transport (ECS), aerial photography, inspections of pipelines, inspections of electrical power transmission system and much more according to your requirements.

It is also possible to combine air services with other disciplines, which are dealt by us (especially security and telecommunications).

Helicopter sightseeing flights

Are you organizing some event and would you like to have there something interesting and extraordinary?

We can offer you helicopter sightseeing flights and your visitors can look at your event and surroundings from the sky. The advantage of helicopter is the possibility to land almost wherever.

Another possibility is helicopter flight according to your wishes. Then you can plan the duration and a destination of your choice. These individual flights can be also realized as an action „Pilot on trial“ and after pre-flight preparation with experienced instructor you can try to fly the helicopter by yourself.

Aircraft sightseeing flights

The advantage of aircraft sightseeing flights is lower price, but disadvantage is necessity use for take off and landing airport. Even there is the possibility to plan duration and destination of your choice and you can realize your flight as an action “pilot on trial”.

Do you want to experience something unconventional and test your stomach? Then there is the possibility to try aerobatic flight or try to experience feelings of military pilots during flight by fighter jet.

Here you can see some photos from realized flights




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