We provide installation and maintenance of avionics for microlights, LSA and EXPERIMENTAL aircrafts

We can advise you also with selection of equipment for your aircraft and help you with design your cockpit.


It is currently the leading supplier of modern avionics (Glass cockpit) for microlights, LSA and EXPERIMENTAL aircrafts. The latest news of this U.S. manufacturer is improvement the product line SkyView to 10" touch screen display under the trade name SkyView Touch and complement the product line of user interface modules. These are modules for easy operation autopilot and Knob control panel (for setting the altimeter, etc.). All modules are manufactured in both horizontal and vertical design which enhances possibility of design of your dashboard.


company whose product lines begin with handheld GPS devices and aviation ends in complex avionics systems for certified aircraft. GARMIN offers a product line designed just for ultralight, LSA and EXPERIMENTAL aircraft. In this series also offers products with touch panels. This is a product line G3X Touch.



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